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Red Knee Pads


Workwear Express offer a collection of knee pad s, providing that added level of protection for your knees that you may require when carrying out certain tasks. While these are mostly used within an industrial setting, knee pad accessories can also be used by carpet layers, repair men, gardeners, athletes, pretty much anyone who carries out a task which may cause undue pressure or contact against the knee. 

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Red Knee Pads

Wearing knee pads allows you to greatly reduce the rate at which the wearing down process occurs within your knees, helping to prevent a range of injuries such as burstis, tendinitis, patellofemoral pain syndrome and many more. With a selection of moulded, hard shell, gel and ergonomic knee pads available, you’ll find the perfect pair for you regardless of the task you need them for. 

Choose from a selection of knee pads available to purchase directly online today. Alternatively you can request further information regarding the products and services we offer either by completing our Enquiry Form or speaking to one of our specialist advisors on 0808 274 9323.